Sep 11, 2011

DAY 103

Tropical Storm Nate made landfall today before noon in the Mexican state of Veracruz. He was a weak storm of 45 mph with a central pressure of 1005 mb. There is some havoc being blamed on Nate, none the less. The bodies of 2 oil rig workers have been recovered and 1 other is still missing after an accident occurred while trying to evacuate from the storm. 12 fishermen are still missing after 2 shrimp boats were disabled on Friday. 5 other deaths in Mexico are being blamed on Nate. According to the Mexican newspaper La, 2 men were killed by a falling tree, 1 man was killed in a car crash, and 2 other people drowned in rising rivers. It dosen't take much rainfall to cause landslides in that area, but there not much more rain forecast to come from Nate as he dissipates over the landmass.

(Tropical Storm Nate just before landfall)
Tropical Storm Maria is building some momentum despite being sheered from an upper level low. She is tilted vertically to the east as a result of that sheer. But during the last few hours of daylight today, Maria showed us evidence that she was not going to be destroyed by that sheer. She created a huge dome of deep convection just to the east of her center of circulation.

(Tropical Storm Maria)

Maria now has maximum sustained winds of 60 mph, but her lowest central pressure in still very weak at 1005 mb. She is still far from becoming a hurricane, but she is forecast to make a northward turn in a couple of days and then head out to the east coast of Canada. The Hurricane Center has now switched their forecast back to a developing hurricane in 3 days time. Maria should be able to strengthen when she turns northeast away from that resistance. If she is able to hold it together for 2 more days, she shouldn't have much trouble becoming a hurricane at that point.

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