Sep 19, 2011

DAY 111

Invest 98L is now likely to develop in the next 48 hours. The Hurricane Center is now giving 98L a 60% chance to do just that. It is still a bit of a mess visually, just an elongated blob of thunderstorms situated around a tropical wave. It does also have a very broad and slow cyclonic motion to it. 98L is expected to reach the Antilles Islands in about 4 days. It is most likely going to take the same general course that Emily, Irene, Katia, and Maria took, up the eastern seaboard.

(Invest 99L: upper-left, Invest 98L: lower right)
The other 2 waves have been deactivated. The wave that used to be Invest 97L is still lagging just behind the other two waves. It is still very unorganized, but could still stand a chance to be reactivated in the next couple of days. The wave that is out to the northeast of Invest 98L, used to be Invest 99L. It has also been deactivated because of its improbability of developing in the near future. Although that wave is still displaying a nice little surface swirl, it is battling dry air and high wind shear.

(Ex-Invest 99L)

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