Sep 5, 2011

DAY 97

Hurricane Katia has made it to major hurricane status today. As of the 11pm advisory, she has become a Cat 4 with maximum sustained winds of 135 mph and a minimum central pressure of 949 mb. The infrared loop below shows an entire day of growth. Some of her greatest gains have come in the last 4 hours of the night after this loop was made.

(Hurricane Katia)

Katia is still on a northwest heading, moving at only 10 mph. The forecast is for Katia to continue on this course as a major hurricane for 2 more days and then turn to the north. The Outer Banks, Cape Cod, and Bermuda are all outside the NHC's cone of uncertainty. 

The National Hurricane Center has also named Invest 95L and given it a 60% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours. It is located about 600 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands tonight, and is moving WNW at 15 mph. A broad cyclonic turning is evident on satellite, but thunderstorms are limited to the northwest and south of what appears to be where the clouds are drawing into a center.

(Invest 95L)

The early runs of the computer forecast models look very similar to the early models for Katia. When Katia was an invest in this position, she was already above 10N though.

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