Sep 4, 2011

DAY 95

It looks like Tropical Storm Lee finally made landfall just after 1am local time in Vermillion Parrish, Louisiana. His minimum central pressure was 987 mb and maximum sustained winds was 45 mph at landfall. Although there was only gusts of 30 to 40 mph felt across portions of Louisiana. 

(Tropical Storm Lee Making Landfall)

At one point just before landfall, Lee had developed a second center of circulation. But despite the unorganized structure of Tropical Storm Lee, it looks like the rainfall estimates will be met. Nearly 10 inches of rain has been measured in several spots across Louisiana, and rain will continue to fall there throughout the day. The Storm Prediction Center had received 10 tornado reports from Louisiana to Florida, but damaged was not reported with those. Lee will likely weaken to a depression later today as he moves ENE across Louisiana towards Mississippi.

(2 Centers of TS Lee)
Katia has weakened just a bit today, and is now being listed as a Tropical Storm again with sustained winds of 70 mph and a pressure of 992 mb. It is mostly the dry air that is hindering her growth. She is forecast to have more favorable conditions tomorrow, and will likely see some redevelopment.

Tropical storm Katia is forecast to continue on a northwest heading throughout the day tomorrow. It has been very difficult to forecast just when Katia will take a northward turn and begin to move away from land, but still today there is every indication that she is going to be a serious land-teaser. She is still being forecast to move very close to North Carolina and slide right up the northeast coastline before running out into the open ocean. A landfall on the US coast cannot be ruled out yet, and Katia strengthening into a major hurricane cannot be ruled out yet either. There is still a lot of time to watch her though. It will likely take 5 days before she approaches the coast.

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