Jun 11, 2011

DAY 10

Very little rain in Florida today, and we got no help from 94L as it slipped through the Florida Straight keeping all of it's rain in the Bahamas. The low actually became visible in the clouds tonight just to the north of Grand Bahama.

The Hurricane Center is giving it a near 0% chance of developing in the next 48 hours. However it does look better than it has in 3 or 4 days. It is located in an area of low shear and relatively warm water but it is just about the end of time for 94L. The upper level low in the Gulf is delivering some shear to the system along with a stream of dry air. It will take a little ride on the Gulf Stream before accelerating up the east coast  were it looks like it will meet up with a low pressure system coming off out of the north east US.

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