Jun 9, 2011


Invest 94L has been stripped of it's designation and now has no chance to develop over the next 48 hours. The surface low does still remain in the northwest Caribbean near the Cayman Islands but wind shear is expected to strengthen in that area over the next several days. Meaning tropical development in the coming week is very unlikely.

The moisture however is still in place and is still pestering Cuba, Jamaica and Hispaniola. That tropical moisture will gradually work it's way northward, bringing rain to the Bahamas and hopeful Florida.as well.

The only other features noticeable in the Atlantic pose no real treat at this time. There is a large bow shaped cloud formation in the middle of the ocean from the Leeward Islands all the way to Canada. Those are being forced by a massive cold front. There is a tropical wave approaching the Windward Islands but there is no thunderstorm activity associated with that at this time. And there is a group of thunderstorms filtering off of the African coast. None of the forecast models are developing any features in the Tropical Atlantic for the next few days.

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