Jun 30, 2011

DAY 29

Tropical Storm Arlene's bid to become 2011's first hurricane looks like it will come up a bit short tonight. 48 hours of impressive growth in the Bay of Campeche will end probably sometime in the early morning as she makes landfall in northern Mexico near Tampico.

Arlene's strength is 996 mb with a maximum sustained wind of 60 mph. She has just a few hours left to strengthen before landfall. Now the question is how much rain will be delivered to the drought stricken areas of northern Mexico and Southern Texas. Be careful what you wish for I guess you could say. Mexico will likely get more rain than it can handle. Slow moving tropical storms can drop more rain than some hurricanes. Brownesville, Texas has already recieved 5 inches of rain this week as a result of Arlene and they are expecting 2 to 3 more inches from the outer bands of Arlene. You can tell by the graphic made by the NWS in Brownsville that the rain is welcome.

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