Nov 11, 2011

DAY 162

Tropical Storm Sean was unable to reach hurricane strength today and he is now out of time. He is moving into the cold waters of the north Atlantic and he has also received a pretty good first punch from the front of a trough sweeping off of the US east coast. You can see the flat line move across the visible satellite loop below from east to west. The upper portion of the storm is being pushed away first. This trough will eventually consume Tropical Storm Sean and pull his remnants north towards the other low. Sean's center still remains in tact for the most part tonight. He is even still maintaining sustained winds of 65 mph. The NHC is forecasting Sean to last another 8 hours as he brings tropical storm conditions to Bermuda. He may be able to survive until tomorrow afternoon, but we will soon close the book on the 18th tropical cyclone of the season.

(Tropical Storm Sean)

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