Nov 8, 2011

DAY 160

Invest 98L is on the verge of becoming Sub-Tropical Storm Sean. It is located about 460 miles southwest of Bermuda, and has been drifting slightly westward throughout the day. The National Hurricane Center is giving it a high probability of developing into a sub-tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours at 80%. Invest 98L is in a battle with dry air which pretty much surrounds it. There is also some southwesterly shear. This storm is expected to move very slowly to the west if not remain stationary for a couple of days before being swept of to the north by a trough. This storm will likely never impact any landmass nor become fully tropical.

(Invest 98L)

Also in the Sub-Tropics, there is a rare storm brewing in the Mediterranean Sea. Even though this is an Atlantic Invest, this will not receive an Atlantic name if it develops, nor is the NHC responsible for issuing warnings on it. Storms so rarely develop in the Mediterranean that none of the worlds meteorological organizations claim the area. 

(Invest 99L)

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