Oct 5, 2011

DAY 127

Tropical Storm Philippe has maintained his strength of 65 mph sustained and his pressure of 997 mb throughout the entire day. He is moving north now, which is no longer against the grain, so wind shear conditions should improve for Philippe. He is forecast to turn east and head into an area of very dry air. This should prevent Philippe from strengthening too much, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Philippe become a hurricane tomorrow. 

(Tropical Storm Philippe)
The National Hurricane Center says it's 50/50 for Philippe tomorrow. I like his chances though. He has been resilient in the face of hostile winds. Philippe is just a survivor. He is now building thunderstorms over his center of circulation, and the dry air to his east will be fended off initially by Philippe's stronger right flank. He won't have long to remain a hurricane however, because once he gets picked up by that front, he will race off very quickly to the northeast.

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