Aug 5, 2011

DAY 65

Tropical Storm Emily dissipated at 5pm eastern. It was the dry air and wind shear that finally did her in. The storms proximity to land likely contributed to her demise, although she was already falling apart before there were any effects from the landmass. Recon flights into the storm showed that the low level circulation had become far removed from the mid level part of the storm.

The remnants of Emily are now spread far and wide. She is basically starting over as an open wave. The ingredients are certainly there for redevelopment if a circulation wants to get started back up tomorrow. Just were that spin my develop is just a guessing game at this point.

The most likely spot for redevelopment is from the section over eastern Cuba right now. The last recon point of the low pressure center was in the Windward Passage just south of that spot. The lowest pressure in that trough is likely somewhere between Jamaica and eastern Cuba. The other spot could be from the section that went right over Hispaniola today. Although that spot is likely just the mid level storm that got ripped away from the center of circulation. Those thunderstorms were raining down on the Dominican Republic all day, we might see some final rainfall totals over 10 inches there.

(Landslide in Puerto Rico Wednesday) courtesy
This was the scene in Puerto Rico yesterday after heavy rain from Emily totaled more than 5 inches in some places.

(Flooding in Puerto Rico Wednesday) courtesy
The rain totals will likely be more in the Dominican Republic today, radar estimates show there might be double what Puerto Rico saw.

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