Jul 22, 2011

DAY 51

Bret has been downgraded to a depression with maximum sustained winds of 35 mph and a pressure of 1008 mb. He is expected to disappear by the weekend.

Cindy is still a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of 50 mph and a pressure of 1000 mb. She built up to 60 mph winds for most of the day, but she is also expected to be gone by the weekend.

Hurricane Dora out in the Pacific registered maximum sustained winds of 155 mph (1 mph away from a Cat 5) with a pressure of 929 mb at the 8am update. That was as strong as she would get. Dora is the second Cat 4 storm in the Pacific already this season. Just now at the 2am update she has winds of 120 mph and a pressure of  953 mb. A Tropical Storm warning is in effect for the southern tip of the Baja including Cabo San Lucas.

The African wave we've been watching is moving closer to the windward islands and is still holding together. It is surrounded by dry air but otherwise has favorable conditions for development. The computer models have backed off in the latest runs except for the NOGAPS which is still developing a closed circulation when it reaches the Bahamas and then takes it into the Carolinas as a tropical storm.

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