Jul 19, 2011

DAY 48

Tropical Storm Bret had a pretty decent day of growth. At the time of the Hurricane Centers 5:00 PM advisory Bret was at his strongest with a minimum low pressure of 996mb and a maximum sustained wind on 65 mph.

As the night progressed however, Bret began to weaken some. At 11PM it was at 60mph sustained winds and a pressure of 998. The main cause of this was the encroachment of dry air from his north. On the water vapor loop below dry air is marked in shades of blue, you can see Bret suck in some dry air towards the end of the loop,  just to the west- northwest of his center.

Bret is still moving very slowly at 7 mph to the north-northwest. The official Hurricane Center forecast cone has no land areas threatened at this time. Most computer models are in agreement with this track. It does not appear that Bret will become the seasons first Atlantic Hurricane or make landfall as he shoots between the US and Bermuda.

In the Pacific Tropical Storm Dora will become a hurricane sometime tomorrow and is forecast to become a major hurricane by Wednesday or Thursday. That storm could possibly be a threat to the Baja.

And I think it is about time to start watchin Cape Verde. A wave that moved off of Africa yesterday has already acquired some spin and is holding together nicely. With the Bermuda/Azores High in the position that it is now, developing systems will be less likely to pull those right hooks and instead will track straight across the Atlantic this year.

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