Jul 7, 2011

DAY 36

The wave train keeps on truckin across the Atlantic. 3 waves are clearly visible out there, but conditions are not quite right yet for any spinups.

The more interesting feature at the moment is the low level trough that is moving through the Bahamas and into Florida at the moment. It will be interacting with an upper level low and causing some inclement weather for Florida over the next couple of days. This is important because NASA is trying to launch the 135th and final Space Shuttle mission on Friday morning. There is a good chance of a ceiling and or lightning violation for the 11:26 am launch. The 45th Weather Squadron at Patrick Air Force Base is 70% No Go for weather at the moment.

The National Hurricane Center drew a yellow circle around the area on it's 8pm Two Day giving it a 10% chance of cyclone development. Computer models are now in consensus developing this. The NOGAPS is the most aggressive forming a subtropical cyclone from Georgia to the Carolina's in 36 to 66 hours as seen below.

If this storm were to form it would move out into the Atlantic rather quickly. Surfers my actually notice this feature a bit as it brings a slight swell to the northern Florida beaches on Thursday and Friday.

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